The dynamic and approachable course for de-mystifying the #1 ingredient to healthy, happy, holistic living: self-love. Immerse yourself in 15 days of powerful, proven healing modalities for deep self-care to learn to love yourself truly, deeply and authentically.

Learn to:

Reprogram your thoughts.
Care for, respect and nourish your physical self.
Free your emotions.
Find deep, fulfilling meaning and spiritual connection.
Love and care for yourself.

5 Guided Meditations &
6 Healing Rituals

7 Journal Prompts

15–40 Minutes of Content for Each Workshop per Day

Hi, I’m Kama!

I am a certified holistic wellness coach with a specialty in reiki healing, meditation and Hawaiian healing. My core mission is to help people practice selfless self-care. I believe that filling your own cup is the key to finding joy, pleasure, self-love, self-acceptance and authenticity.

As someone who struggled with body dysmorphia and heavy self-criticism, I know this work firsthand. I am here to show you how to make home a place within. The world is your temple, your teacher, and your playground. You are about to become your own best friend.

I am so excited to lead you on this journey back home to yourself and help you find true self-love through self-care.

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